About Us

MELANESIA store  is an Online Store owned by the PAPUAmart.com Group Companies based in West Papua, owned by the Papua Arabica Specialty Coffee of the Baliem Arabica Cooperative, based in Wamena, West Papua.

Our Core Value

  • Sharing is our Core Value because sharing brings joy, as joy is a complete happiness..
  • Saying "thank you" for "sharing" is normal human practice in any tradition, any era, anywhere, among anybody in the world. Buying our products is a way of "saying thank you" to our producers, who produce for the sake of "sharing", not merely for economic benefits in form of money.

Our Principle

  • We ONLY share our products with buyers for direct consumption, not reseller, not big companies.


Become a distribution network and retailer of specialty and organic products to the global market at competitive price with special emphasis on local wisdom, hope and satisfaction of the sellers and buyers, with special emphasis on our surrounding natural environment as the source of life of all beings.

  • Become is a process, a progress from one state/ condition to the other/ different state/ condition
  • Distribution Network is inter-relation and inter-connection between Melanesian producers across Melanesian Spearhead Group nation-states
  • Retailer
  • Organic Products are the products that has been certified as "organic" by official authorities or those produced in remote villages by tribal peoples of Melanesia
  • Global Market is the process of selling and buying globally, across the world
  • Competitive Price means the price is determined by the (1) quality of product; (2) benefit for the natural environment; (3) financial benefits to the producer; and (4) health or other benefits to the buyers.
  • Local Wisdom means knowledge and practices, as well as the needs and norms that are applicable in particular place where a product is made.
  • Satisfaction is the way to ensure when consumers are happy with the product, and the sellers are happy to share and sell their products, without any force in any form by others.
  • Sellers are the ones who sell their products.
  • Customers are the ones who buy and then consume the products.
  • Surrounding natural environment means the flora, fauna, material dan spiritual beings surrounding the pleace a product is made and sold.
  • Source of life of all beings means we came into being from it, and we can only live by its support/ existence.


As many Melanesians as possible sell their products Online directly to the buyers all over the world.

Contact Us:

  • tofreemelanesia@gmail.com
  • info@melanesiastore.com
  • SMS/WA: +62(0)82210183000